Cold Springs Trail – After the Rain

November 21, 2010

Since we had a good dousing of rain on Friday night, I decided to hike up Cold Springs Trail to check on the water flow.  There really wasn’t very much water, but thankfully it was still running clear and not mud colored.  This hike was an experiment to see if I could make do with just the Joby – Gorillapod Focus, and not a full tripod.  It worked really well when there were boulders to work from, but was nearly impossible to use at ground level.  My knees were not at all happy about this experiment!  However, with mirror lockup and a cable release, it did a great job holding the camera still.

I’ve been doing so much wildlife photography lately that I feel like I’m getting in a bit of a rut.  So, it was very refreshing to search out some different subject matter and to look for interesting compositions in the exceedingly chaotic wilderness.  I’ll have to make a point of going on more of these excursions this winter.


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