I suppose it’s a cliche to say I’ve been interested in photography since before I can remember.  And I suppose that’s not true.  I remember receiving my first camera from my aunt and uncle (Dave and Carol).  That was the beginning that sparked my interest in documenting the world around me.  Ever since, photography has played a major part in my fascination with the natural world.

I grew up in Pennsylvania and spent much time there in the Northeast and the Midwest.  In highschool I had my own darkroom and simple film SLR with one lens, which was upgraded to a nicer body early in college.  The equipment didn’t change much all the way through college and grad school.  However, in college my photographic eye started to develop with the help of my first photographic mentor and scientific advisor.  Those critiques led me down the path of taking my photography more seriously and thinking more about composition and subject matter.

After finishing to college, I moved to Santa Barbara for grad school and was transfixed by the natural beauty of both the local area and the iconic National Parks.  This lead to a phase of primarily landscape photography which was only broken by the advent of digital SLR’s.  More recently, I have been taking more wildlife photos than landscape.  The two types of photography definitely offer distinct challenges and that is what keeps this interesting.

Barry Rowan

My Website

wildphotography.barry AT gmail.com


9 Responses to About

  1. Melisa says:

    Hi Barry,

    Your photographs are so amazing, stunning…I think I’d ran out of beautiful adjectives to describe them.

    Wild Photography is truly a must-see photoblog. =)

  2. Bo Criss says:

    Your Blog is coming along splendidly! Wow! Great shots of the bobcats. Looks like you are really in tune with color, texture, composition, and what makes an interesting shot. Keep it coming! It really is inspiring to see each of your photos.

  3. James Norman says:

    Hey I added one of your deer photos to my blog and linked it back to back to your website, Plez check it out and let me know if i did it satisfactorily! Thanks James

  4. Wonderful photography, and a favorite subject we have in common. I have added you to my blogroll.

  5. Terry Green says:

    Hi Barry,

    Very nice work, I just really love the photos of the Bobcats and somewhat jealous you must have had a lot of fun being so close to such wonderful creatures.

    Best of luck
    Terry Green
    Nashville, TN

  6. Teddy Llovet says:

    Hi Barry, I admire your work so much, both your photo and narrative talents. I keep returning to this site for a continual pleasure trip through your images and stories. I hope you find recognition for excellence in your work, maybe produce a book and win national awards for your work. ~teddy llovet

  7. wildphotography says:

    Thanks Teddy! You’re too kind.

  8. Mimi says:

    Hi Barry,
    I’m so glad I found you!

    We were walking along the path at Lake Los Carneros a couple of months ago. We saw a couple dozen photographers standing around staring at an empty spot by a clearing. We didn’t see a thing. We walked past and took a look at Stow House, came back and all of a sudden saw the Bobcats! Ah ha! That’s what they were all waiting for. I wonder if you were there that day?

    Anyway, it was a magical experience to see them live and I have to thank you for chronicaling their activities here. I’ll be back to see your wonderful photographs often.

  9. bearyweather says:

    I love nature photography, too … your photos are beautiful. I am glad I found your blog … I will check back often to see what you have seen out there in the wild.

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