Back in California

December 29, 2010

Apparently we got a bit of rain in So Cal while I was away…  With the local trails frightfully muddy, I decided to hit the beach instead.  The usual suspects were found along the shoreline, however the lagoon was hopping with activity.  A decent group of Forster’s Terns were actively fishing and the Cormorants were doing their part to further herd the fish into the shallows.

“Forster’s Tern with Fish”  –  UCSB Lagoon

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Another Day at the Beach – October 10

October 23, 2010

After my previous morning photo-shoot at Campus Point, I knew that the light would be even better if I got there earlier.  This time I arrived just as the sun was rising over the mountains.  Indeed, the light was better, but the birds were harder to come-by.  That didn’t stop me from getting some nice shots.  After that morning, I don’t think I saw the sun for a solid week.  The moral of the story… get out and shoot when you can, since the weather and wildlife might not cooperate and you might not get another chance.

“Sunrise I”

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Campus Point – October 8th

October 15, 2010

More and more shorebirds have been making their annual trek south and I figured it was time to head to the beach with the camera.  Last Friday I grabbed my backup camera and went down to Campus Point for  a quick look before work.  I was rewarded by finding hundreds of Terns roosting on the beach and rocks at the point.  Getting a good shot of them at the point was pretty much impossible due to the backlighting.  Instead, I focused on the birds resting on the east facing beaches.  The early morning sun made for some great light.

“Elegant Tern”

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Rain, rain, rain…

January 22, 2010

I really don’t mind the rain, but after a full week of it I wouldn’t mind a change in the weather…

The weather has actually been very accommodating, other than sneaking up behind me and drenching me yesterday!  Most of the storm fronts have moved through by early afternoon each day and given us the opportunity to get out to Lake Los Carneros after work.  The weather has made the bobcats more difficult to find but we have still managed to catch brief glimpses of them.  I’ll post a few photos in the following post.

Today looks to be the last day with a high chance of rain, so it looks like it should end just in time for the weekend.  Here are a few photos highlighting the different weather conditions we’ve experienced over the last week or so.

“Better Than Coffee”  –  Sunrise at Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA

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Oso Flaco and Guadalupe Dunes

October 18, 2009

I’ve gotten used to traveling and felt the need to get out of town once again. We hit the road bright and early Saturday and headed north towards Santa Maria.  The drive highlighted the beauty that is California.  Some areas felt like fall, with the grape vines and trees turning gold and red, and in other areas the first blades of grass filled rancher’s valleys.  On the drive back it was in the 90’s, which certainly felt like summer.  If there would have been snow on the mountain peaks we could have experienced all four seasons in one day!

The goal was to finally see some sun at Oso Flaco and Guadalupe Dunes.  Every other visit has been during foggy or overcast conditions.  We were rewarded with deep blue skies and great light.  The highlight of the trip was playing chicken with a raccoon on the boardwalk at Oso Flaco.  I might post some video to my flickr page a bit later.

“American White Pelican”  –  Oso Flaco, near Guadalupe, CA

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Super Sunrise

September 10, 2009

It’s hard to top my previous post of bobcat and kitten photos, hence the lack of new material over the past several days.  Well, I suppose it’s hard to go wrong with intensely colored sunrise photos.  These were taken last Thursday and the amazing color was courtesy of the Station Fire down in L.A.  I’m particularly happy I was able to snag such an interesting shot of the first Canada Geese.  This was the first flock I’ve seen this season which must mean that Fall is on its way.  If you look closely, you’ll notice the geese are flying North.  No need to worry, these directionally challenged birds soon got back on track and started heading South.

“Orange Glow”  –  Taken from the bluffs at UC Santa Barbara, CA

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Santa Barbara Channel – Cetaceans

August 16, 2009

Last weekend, I decided to take advantage of living in Santa Barbara and went whale watching.  I decided to go due to reports of numerous Humpback and Blue whale sightings on the previous weekend.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to see any Blue whales, mostly as a result of the fog that refused to burn off.    However, we did see a lone Fin whale which is not commonly found in the channel.  There were many Humpback whales and they were not shy about approaching the boat.  Additionally, we saw large numbers of Common and Risso’s dolphins.

“Humpback Whale I”  –  Santa Barbara Channel, CA

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