Friday Photo – Something New

March 2, 2012

Panning for Gold

I was practicing my panning skills on some gulls, when I decided to try for some abstract shots of the distant shoreline.  This one turned out quite nicely.


A Challenge

July 21, 2010

I’ve been spending (too much) time on Flickr looking at other people’s images recently.  There are a lot of outstanding images, but after awhile it gets a bit overwhelming and everything starts to blur together and I feel like I’m looking at the same images over and over.  It’s actually giving me a headache just thinking about it!  Some amazing photographers have commented about the number of images being posted online and have pondered what it means.  What can one person contribute when there are already billions of photos online?  Perhaps the end result should not be the primary goal, but instead the process of creating should be what matters most.  I find that the times that I push myself to discover new places and improve the quality of my work, are the events that I value the most.

As a result, I have challenged myself to ‘find’ more images in nature and attempt to push my creativity and compositional skills to the next level.  I feel like I know my local area like the back of my hand, but it is astonishing how many photographic subjects go unseen, when you aren’t actively open to seeing new things.  I have a feeling this will be a very educational challenge.  So far, the successful images are few and far between, but that is all part of the process.  Here are a few of the better ones, although they do have their significant flaws.  Consider this a work in progress…

“Time Machine”

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Sandstone Sculptures

July 24, 2009

Ever since visiting Antelope Canyon I’ve been excited about photographing some local sandstone structures.  In particular, the wind caves at Gaviota.  I felt that morning would offer the best opportunity for interesting light, given that most of the caves face east or southeast.  I’m really happy with the initial results and hope to make it back soon with additional camera gear.  (All of the below shots were taken handheld with my G10.)

“Sandstone I”

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