October… already???

Most people would lament the ending of Summer, but I’m quite happy for it to be over.  Summer is the least interesting season here in Santa Barbara and I’m glad to see it go.  I did get in a bunch of traveling over the summer, and hope to post some images that haven’t already made it to Flickr.

The first weekend of October has been a Jekyll & Hyde affair.  We have had crazy weather since the middle of last week, with large thunderstorms over the mountains and gorgeous clouds floating by overhead.  Not to mention, the bolts of lightning dancing across the mountain tops.  This is not something we normally see here.  The interesting weather abruptly ended sometime last night, with the return of the marine layer which has yet to burn off today.

“Ground Fog at Sunrise”


“Black Phoebe”

“Red-shouldered Hawk”

“Young White-tailed Kites”

“Cooper’s Hawk”


2 Responses to October… already???

  1. Amazing photos! Especially the light in that first one! Wow.

  2. Looks like you took advantage of the interesting weather when you had it as well as the local wildlife.

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