Birds of Prey

I’ve been getting some great raptor and owl shots recently.  It looks like our local pair of White-tailed Kites will be triple-clutching this year.  The first clutch only had two fledglings, but their second nest fledged five!  They are starting to hunt on their own and it is a thrill to watch all of the wheeling around the sky and practicing their hovering.

There are also at least two Barn Owls roosting in the palms at the park.  We have been seeing them with uncanny regularity in the evenings.  The squawking of the Night Herons seems to wake them and within minutes they are out hunting.  One nearly caught something 25 feet in front of us last night.  I only wish I could see as well as they do at night (and that my camera could too!)

“Juvenile White-tailed Kite”  –  Goleta, CA

“Tightrope Walking”

“Barn Owl Perching”

“Barn Owl in Flight”


4 Responses to Birds of Prey

  1. Beth says:

    Barry this is so awesome. Your photography is the Best. I am going down there even if it warm. I have got to see the 5 fledglings. Wow how cool.

  2. Love these shots! awesome capture. thanks for posting.

  3. Mimi says:

    great shots! I’ve never seen the fledling kites before. They are so pretty with the brown feathers.

    I remember my Mom always pointing out the kites when I was a kid. They were one of her favorite birds.

  4. Pat Ulrich says:

    terrific shots, Barry! you’re sequence of young kites have just been amazing, and great barn owl portrait too!

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