Flying into March

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already March!  It seems like 2010 just got started and here we are, less than two weeks away from Daylight Savings Time already.  Oh, if you’re a fan of seeing the sun in the morning, I have bad news for you.  Once we turn our clocks back, the sun will rise later than it did in the dead of Winter.  (At least that’s what my resident “Date and Time” expert has told me.)  In any case, here are some recent bird images to go along with the snappy title of this post.

“Great Blue Heron with Potato Bug”  –  Goleta, CA

I captured this just after it caught and swallowed a vole, which is causing the bulge in its throat.  I’m always amazed at what they can fit down their gullet.  You might also notice the raindrops in the background.  This is the severe Santa Barbara weather that I have to brave in order to get these images.  😉

“Redhead Duck at Dawn”  –  I recommend clicking on this image to view it larger.

“Mallard Drake in Early Morning Light”

“Perfect Landing”

“Sliding Along”


3 Responses to Flying into March

  1. Always marvel at your terrestrial hunting herons, Barry. Mine are still very aquatic and rarely stray to far from water.

    Yes, the larger version of the redhead duck is stunning as it the mallard drake resting. Had to do a double take it wasn’t a decoy. 🙂

  2. John Wall says:

    The GBH’s will eat anything, I guess. Personally, I’m tempted to run the other way when I see a potato bug. 😉

  3. Pat Ulrich says:

    Beautiful shots, Barry! A heron having a successful hunting session in the grass is something I’m still waiting to get my chance to photograph.

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