Santa Barbara Winter

This is really the best time of year here in Santa Barbara.  Everything is green, the flowers are blooming and there are plenty of dramatic skies.  It’s nature at its finest.  The following images have been taken over the past couple of weeks.  The first large storm system brought a dusting of snow to the local mountains and the low clouds produced an incredible light show at sunset.  Following the storm, we were treated to day after day of incredible sunsets and crisp, clean air.  A warmer storm system hit late last week so we didn’t get the mountain snow, but there were lots of dissipating clouds swirling around the mountain peaks.  The interior mountains have been getting lots of snow and I hope to get out there in the coming weeks, if the roads reopen.

I think I forget to mention the incredible morning rainbow.  All I can say is,  Wow!

“Sun, Snow & Sky”  –  LLC, Goleta, CA

“Breaking Wave”  –  UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA

“Royal Visitor”  –  LLC, Goleta, CA

“Sumptuous Sky”

“Reflecting Rainbow”

“Climbing Away”

“Peaceful Morning”

“Rising Peaks”


One Response to Santa Barbara Winter

  1. Yeah….wow! A couple of months away from such sights around me. Enjoy!

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