Rainy Days – Bobcats

As promised, here are some photos of the bobcats taken over the past week or so.  We saw the female kitten early in the week and then saw the adult male later in the week.  I also had a very rare daytime sighting of the mother on Saturday.  All in all, a pretty good week considering the weather. Based on my prior experience, once the breeding season ends the sightings will become much less frequent.  Luckily it is looking like we should have a spectacular wildflower year and I hope to be on the road as much as possible this Spring.

“Shy Today”  –  Young Female Bobcat, Goleta, CA

“Happy Hunter”  –  Young Female Bobcat

“Look Before Crossing”  –  Adult Male Bobcat

“Possessive”  –  Adult Male Bobcat Marking Territory

“Aware”  –  Adult Female Bobcat


5 Responses to Rainy Days – Bobcats

  1. Carl D says:

    Hey Barry

    Awesome stuff …. I don’t know anyone who has bobcat photos like you do. Great stuff! Congrats.



  2. Greg says:

    Holy crap Barry, these are freaking awesome shots!
    I’m glad I asked if you posted your stuff online yesterday, super cool work dude.

  3. wildphotography says:

    Thanks Carl and Greg!!

  4. mrgrosky says:

    Great work, Barry! I’ve never seen such beautiful shots of Bobcats!—Mitch

  5. Teddy Llovet says:

    I’m so glad you share your beautiful photography with us. It’s a delightful journey to view your images, Barry!

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