Rain, rain, rain…

I really don’t mind the rain, but after a full week of it I wouldn’t mind a change in the weather…

The weather has actually been very accommodating, other than sneaking up behind me and drenching me yesterday!  Most of the storm fronts have moved through by early afternoon each day and given us the opportunity to get out to Lake Los Carneros after work.  The weather has made the bobcats more difficult to find but we have still managed to catch brief glimpses of them.  I’ll post a few photos in the following post.

Today looks to be the last day with a high chance of rain, so it looks like it should end just in time for the weekend.  Here are a few photos highlighting the different weather conditions we’ve experienced over the last week or so.

“Better Than Coffee”  –  Sunrise at Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA

“Early Morning Reward”  –  Sunrise at Lake Los Carneros

“A Magical Place”  –  Lake Los Carneros

“Widow’s Tear”  –  Ephemeral Waterfall, Santa Ynez Mountains

“Departing”  –  Lake Los Carneros

“A Postcard Sunset”  –  Lake Los Carneros

“Ocean’s Fury”  –  Campus Point at UCSB


One Response to Rain, rain, rain…

  1. John Wall says:

    These are great, Barry. Makes me kinda homesick for the place.

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