Hidden Bobcat

It’s quiz time.  In the following photo there are three bobcats.  Can you find the third one?  You get bonus points if you can tell me what it is about to do.  It will help if you click on the photo to view it larger.

Have fun!

“Hide and Seek”  –  Goleta, CA


7 Responses to Hidden Bobcat

  1. Mike says:

    I think I see it diving down from the tree… but I’m not sure.

  2. In the brush to the right of the tree?

  3. Oh, towards the top of the frame as well.

  4. Chuck Cagara says:

    Playing “peek-a-boo” from behind the base of the tree on the right side. Nice catch!

  5. wildphotography says:

    Looks like you guys found him!

  6. Chuck Cagara says:

    For Bonus Points: It is getting ready to playfully pounce on the cat walking past the tree.

  7. wildphotography says:

    Hi Chuck,
    Pretty good! He’s waiting for mom (the middle cat) to pass so he can pounce on his sister (foreground cat).

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