Wet Bobcats

I’ve had good success finding the bobcats after rain storms, so I knew the rain would not be an excuse not to search for the bobcat family.  Thursday was a bust but we did see the mother on Friday.  Shortly before we saw her, there were a bunch of teenagers crashing through the brush nearby.  I can only assume that they saw the kittens and were trying to see how close they could get to them.  At least I hope that was the extent of their plans…  The mother kept looking in that direction, so after taking a few pictures we left her to reassemble her family.

We were relieved to find her and both kittens the following morning.  Amazingly, we ran into them just as they briefly emerged from hiding.  We were able to follow them from a distance and watch the young male do a bit of hunting before the mother decided it was time to go.  As usual, the female kitten was the last one to get the message and I got several photos of her bounding after the other two.

“Forlorn Mother”  –  Goleta, CA

“Family Meeting”

“Young Female Bobcat Bounding”

“Bobcat Mother Checking Me Out”

“Bobcat Mother and Son”  –  Young male is in the foreground, mother is in the background.


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