Dry Bobcats

I can’t believe it’s been so  long since I’ve posted a bobcat update.  Last week was a time of contrasts.  The week started off with chilly but clear Fall weather and ended with a series of Winter storms that brought a decent amount of rain to the area.

While it was still dry I had two particularly good days photographing the bobcats.  On the first day the bobcats were spotted hunting out in the open while their mother watched from some nearby brush.  The young female is still quite comfortable around us and approached closely several times.  I was able to get some great backlit shots of her while she posed a few feet away.  The second day we found the young bobcats hunting at dusk and I got a nice panning shot of the male bounding away after successfully hiding from a passing dog.  We also saw a rabbit running faster than I’ve ever seen one run before.  I have a feeling the young female bobcat had something to do with that…

“Young Female Bobcat Stalking”  –  Goleta, CA

“Young Female Bobcat Posing”

“Young Male Bobcat Running”


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