Two Kittens, Two Days – Female

Both of the bobcat kittens have been very active again and there have been some great sightings over the last two days.  Yesterday a small group of us spent almost thirty minutes watching the young female successfully capture and subdue a pocket gopher.  The gopher attempted to fight back which only prolonged its misery, as the cat took its time wearing down the poor creature.  Today we witnessed the cat’s caring side, as the mother and daughter spent several minutes grooming each other.  I managed to get some great video and hope to post it later this week.

“Young Female Bobcat”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, Ca

“In Search of Dinner”

“Bobcat vs. Gopher”

“The Hunt Continues”

“Satisfied Kitty”


2 Responses to Two Kittens, Two Days – Female

  1. Pat Ulrich says:

    really terrific shots of these bobcats, Barry! I really love that top portrait with her beautiful eyes being focused on you. great work!

  2. wildphotography says:

    Thanks Pat! It’s interesting that their eyes are still much darker than the adults. I wonder how long until they lighten up?

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