Bobcats – November 10th

The bobcat kittens have not been nearly as easily visible as they had been.  Partly this is due to the decreased amount of daylight after work, but they also seem to be spending more time hunting on their own.  Fortunately, a bunch of us have still quite a bit of success finding them.  Last week Tuesday was a particularly lucky day.  To start with, we saw the bobcats both in the morning and evening that day.  It was a lot of fun to watch them walking through a dew covered field as they attempted to avoid the dewy vegetation.  The female kitten was particularly funny, as she bounded from one spot to another in an attempt to avoid walking through the grass.  Life’s tough when you’re small!

In the evening, after a ton of looking around, we spotted the mother run across a path.  She seemed to vanish into thin air, however several minutes later the two kittens were spotted in an adjacent field.  I found myself inadvertently too close to them and started to slowly crept in the opposite direction.  It appeared that this caution was unwarranted, because the young male’s curiosity got the better of him and walked right over to me!  He looked up at me, gave a few quick sniffs and decided I wasn’t a threat, and then returned to hunting with the other bobcats.  After that encounter, I circled back away from the cats and attempted to head towards the main path.  As I rounded a bend in the trail I came upon the mother sitting only  a few feet away!  Another photographer motioned for me to look for another bobcat and I was rewarded by seeing the male kitten posing on a decaying stump only a few feet further away.  After getting a few pictures, we let them get back to their nightly hunt.

“Early Risers”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA

“Sniff Test”

“Only Feet Away”

“Posing for the Cameras”

“Waiting for Sis”


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  1. igriceonline says:

    second photo is amazing.

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