Sunrise – November 5, 2009

Our unprecedented bobcat viewing streak has come to an end.  Prior to Thursday we had seen them the past six days in a row.  However, it may not be a bad thing that they aren’t so readily findable.  There has been a sudden increase in the number of people looking for them and I wonder how that is impacting their hunting.  Bobcats are crepuscular, meaning that they are active primarily at dawn and dusk.  It can’t be good for them if they spend half their hunting time watching photographers or being pursued by them.  The young have the added stress of having to avoid the adult male.  Being forced to move around the lake wastes valuable hunting time and takes energy.  I hope us photographers aren’t having too much of a negative impact on them, because I would feel terrible if one starved to death because of us.

“Sunrise over Lake Los Carneros”  –  Goleta, CA


5 Responses to Sunrise – November 5, 2009

  1. morningjoy says:

    Nice sunrise. I love the silhouetted tree just to the right of the sun.

  2. wildphotography says:

    Thanks! I wish I would have thought to separate the sun and the tree a bit more. I blame that lapse on not having my morning coffee yet.

  3. mike says:

    Wow, some amazing sunrise there. Nice view.

  4. Deva says:

    I think this is truly amazing. Imagine being there, and seeing it for real. What a gift! I have never seen a sky looking that orange… Wow!

    I am wondering if you will check out my blog for a challenge?

  5. wildphotography says:

    Thanks Mike and Deva! It can be tough getting out of bed before dawn, but it’s always worth it once I’m outside enjoying nature.

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