Four Bobcats in One Day!

I’ve been wondering when or if we would be lucky enough to see all four bobcats in one day.  I figured this would require spending all day at the park or making numerous trips per day.  I never would have expected that we would see all of them within half an hour.  On Tuesday we stumbled upon the mother and her young right at the beginning of our walk.  They were incredibly cooperative and spent a lot of time moving around us.  Watching them interact is fascinating and makes one wonder how they communicate with each other.  Somehow the young seem to know when it is safe to explore and when their mother is ready to move on.  Having watched them closely, it is not as simple as the young simply following their mother.  Quite often the young seem to initiate the move to a new location and when they were younger the mother would hunt alone, leaving them near their den.

After watching the mother and her young for quite awhile, we watched them cross the path in front of us and disappear into the brush. Prior to our next bobcat sighting we came upon several birds attempting to scare away a snake.  A California Kingsnake was lying below a patch of fennel and was being mobbed by Towhees and Sparrows.  Their efforts did not seem very effective and in fact seemed to put them in quite a bit of danger.   At this point we were at the opposite end of the lake from the rest of the bobcat family.  I glanced down to where we found the male bobcat on Sunday and shockingly he was standing right there!  I managed to only get a few shots while he traversed the brush below us before he disappeared.  He does not seem to be as casual as the other bobcats and is always either hunting or marking territory.

“Bobcat Family”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, Ca

“Bobcat Mother and Son”

“All Lined Up”

“Bobcat Mother and Son”

“Annoyed Mother”

“Bobcat Daughter”

“Mother and Son Again”

“Bobcat Mother Leaving”

“Bobcat Father Prowling”

“Bobcat Father Glare”


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