More Bobcat Activity at the Lake

A couple days ago we saw the young bobcats again, and they were very cooperative.  It appears that they feel especially safe in this one area of the park.  However, we did miss seeing the father later that night and just missed seeing the young female last night.  Bo Criss posted some great shots from those encounters on flickr.  I’m still completely amazed at how often we get to see these beautiful creatures.  It is unclear whether either of the young bobcats will stick around the lake long-term, so I’m spending as much time as possible watching them while they’re still here.  I hope you enjoy seeing all of these bobcat photos as much as I do!

“Male Bobcat”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, Ca

“Male Bobcat Hiding”

“Male Bobcat Watching his Sister”

“Female Bobcat Watching her Brother”


One Response to More Bobcat Activity at the Lake

  1. I enjoy these photos so much. I checked your Exif data and see that you used your 400mm lens, so it sounds like the bobcats were just about the right distance away for their comfort and your safety. What a thrill it must be to photograph them.

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