Oso Flaco and Guadalupe Dunes

I’ve gotten used to traveling and felt the need to get out of town once again. We hit the road bright and early Saturday and headed north towards Santa Maria.  The drive highlighted the beauty that is California.  Some areas felt like fall, with the grape vines and trees turning gold and red, and in other areas the first blades of grass filled rancher’s valleys.  On the drive back it was in the 90’s, which certainly felt like summer.  If there would have been snow on the mountain peaks we could have experienced all four seasons in one day!

The goal was to finally see some sun at Oso Flaco and Guadalupe Dunes.  Every other visit has been during foggy or overcast conditions.  We were rewarded with deep blue skies and great light.  The highlight of the trip was playing chicken with a raccoon on the boardwalk at Oso Flaco.  I might post some video to my flickr page a bit later.

“American White Pelican”  –  Oso Flaco, near Guadalupe, CA

“Wading Raccoon”  – Oso Flaco

“Charge!”  –  Oso Flaco

“Gadwall”  –  Oso Flaco

“Pied-billed Grebes”  –  Oso Flaco

“Breaking Waves”  –  Guadalupe Dunes County Park, near Guadalupe, CA

“Brown Pelican Wave Flying”  –  Guadalupe Dunes

“Heerman’s Gull”  –  Guadalupe Dunes

“Long-billed Curlew”  –  Guadalupe Dunes

“Surf Scoter”  –  Guadalupe Dunes


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