Bobcats Seen Three Days in a Row

It was certainly worth braving the rain and searching for the bobcats at Lake Los Carneros yesterday.  I believe this is the first time I’ve seen them on three consecutive days and was glad I got a chance to see the young experiencing real rain for the first time.  I felt it was worth looking because I’ve had good luck finding them on other wet days in the fall.  Thankfully, that proved to be the case yesterday.  The young male was initially seen walking out in the open and was actively sniffing the ground and searching for something, but did not seem to be hunting.  After a short while, he walked through some brush and reappeared on the other side where he was almost immediately joined by his sister.  After saying hi to each other they disappeared into the brush, at which point I ran back to the house to get some towels.  Did I mention it was raining!  I decided it would be worth going back to look for them again and was lucky enough to find the young female crouching under some brush.  Unless you were directly in front of her, she was almost impossible to see.  She must have been wondering what the crazy photographer was doing out in the rain…

“Wet Bobcat”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA

“Sniffing and Searching”

“About to go”

“Hiding from the Rain”


2 Responses to Bobcats Seen Three Days in a Row

  1. The look to be independent of their mother now. You could do a book about them growing up.

  2. What wonderful photos you have taken of the bobcats. I particularly enjoyed the last image, “Hiding from the Rain.” Those green eyes look like emeralds.

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