Bobcat Kittens Playing and Hunting

Yesterday was an amazing day!  I was able to spend almost an hour and a half with the bobcat kittens.  I first spotted them playing in heavy brush below the walking path at Lake Los Carneros.  After realizing that they didn’t mind my presence, I called in reinforcements and waited for them to come out in the open.  At one point the female kitten noticed me and started bounding towards me.  Luckily a small rock caught her attention and she started batting it around.  Possibly the funniest event was both cats were gnawing on some nails sticking out of an old fence post.  The male kitten started first, but then his sister wanted to see what he was so interested in and chased him away.

After quite some time the kittens started wandering away and we almost lost them.  I was about to head home when we spotted one running across a field towards their previous play area.  After circling around, the kitten was found sitting in a small opening.  Within a few minutes it was obvious that something had her attention.  She sat nearly perfectly still for a long time and we were stunned when she all of a sudden bolted towards us and snatched a rabbit that was hiding within 5 feet of us!  I never could have imagined that I would get to see a bobcat hunting so closely.  What an experience!

“Male Bobcat Kitten Lounging”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA

“Female Bobcat Kitten Prowling”

“Male Kitten Gnawing on Nails”

“Female Kitten Close-up”

“Female Kitten Stalking Rabbit”

“Female Kitten with Captured Rabbit”


15 Responses to Bobcat Kittens Playing and Hunting

  1. fr4an says:

    deceo tener todas las fotos de los animales

  2. softballgirl78 says:

    Wow those are great pictures. I really love animals so it’s awesome that you got to be so close to them. What a great experience.

  3. Nikki Hahn says:

    There is nothing like the wild outdoors. There is nothing like seeing wildlife in action. Wow. You had an awesome experience. Love the wild cats.

  4. Cate says:

    Just “happended” upon your post and am so glad I did! An amazing experience and photos. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Andreas says:

    Amazing animals, i like all kind of cats.
    Really nice fotos.

  6. Till says:

    These are nice pictures, but I am also a little bit disappointed, because I read “Robocat Kittens Playing and Hunting” as the description of the link I followed. 😉

  7. Kristina says:

    Similarly just happened upon this post. Any idea on how old they could possibly be? Because, wow, for one of them to catch a rabbit so young seems extremely lucky.
    Amazing photography.

  8. They were cute up until the dead rabbit. 😦

  9. redeyerabbitt says:


    I am jealous.

  10. animesg says:

    Bobcats really are beautiful animals.

  11. […] These pictures are beautiful and impressive […]

  12. ky says:

    These animals r nice creature

  13. […] when they look cute-and-cuddly and are acting like pet cats.  The last time I posted an image of a bobcat with a rabbit in its mouth, I got a far different response.  I can understand not wanting to see graphic images […]

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