Bobcat Kitten in Tree

Over the weekend we saw owls in trees and today we found a bobcat kitten in a tree.  If this trend continues, who knows, maybe we’ll find a bear in a tree next.  Tonight we were lucky that someone noticed my camera and let us know he had just seen the bobcats.  They weren’t found at their original location, but after a bit of searching he spotted the male kitten hiding near a fallen log.  With all the fallen brush it was impossible to capture a decent image, not to mention we were drawing quite a crowd and I felt guilty about all the attention the cat was receiving.  We wandered away in search of the other bobcats, only to be called back when one of the kittens was spotted sitting in a tree…  right above where we had been watching her brother!  Amazingly nobody had noticed her.  She didn’t seem very bothered by our presence but she showed a lot of interest in a large bird that briefly landed above.

“Bobcat Kitten”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA

Zoomed out view of the kitten in the tree.


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