Bobcat Kittens – not so small now

Finally!!!  After almost two months, I was able to get some more photos of the local bobcat family!  The kittens have grown a lot since I last photographed them.

Since I never know when I’ll see the bobcats at the lake, I never go there without a camera.  Thank goodness I follow my own rules!  What was only going to be a quick walk while waiting for the pizza dough to rise turned into a much longer outing with great views of the mother and two kittens.  Shortly after walking into the park, we were flagged down and told that the bobcats had been seen very recently and were relaxing in the nearby brush.  After waiting for a few minutes, we tried our luck in a different location but didn’t see them there either.  I had a gut feeling, that once we left, the mother would lead the kittens away.  We walked down the path a few hundred yards and was rewarded with a brief glimpse of them walking below.  We leapfrogged them again and were in a perfect position to watch all three emerge into the open and relax right in front of us.  Before long, they took off again and we got one last glimpse of them crossing the path about 10-15 feet in front of us.

(Click on the individual photos to open larger versions.)

Bobcat kitten bounding at Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA


6 Responses to Bobcat Kittens – not so small now

  1. That’s so fun to see the size they have reached already. I was fishing on the lake a few weeks back and I saw them for the first time.

  2. Alice says:

    Their tails are so short compared to cats – that’s kind of interesting.

  3. wildphotography says:

    Thanks Dustin and Alice!

    You should see the kittens wagging their little tails. They are incredibly cute!

  4. Jealous as always. Nice to see the kittens are looking well feed. Helping to keep the rodent population down I’m sure. How long will they stay with their mother?

  5. wildphotography says:

    I think this is her first litter, so I’m not sure if she will look after them longer than normal. According to the literature, they should stay with her until late in the fall. I don’t know if the male will chase them away when he comes back or if the female does this first. The male arrived in early November last year, so the might have to become self-sufficient within the next two months.

  6. Barbara says:

    I just found your website and just love these pictures. They are outstanding! Great job!

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