La Brea Fire – One Week Old

After being shrouded in smoke for the better part of a week, I wanted to get a closer look at the La Brea Fire.  My tentative plan was to head up to Figueroa Mountain mid-morning, and hope that the wind had shifted to the south and blown the smoke to the north, providing a nice viewpoint of the fire.  Let’s just say that the plan didn’t quite work out.  The Santa Ynez Valley was socked in with smoke and visibility was poor, to say the least.  Plan B was to drive out towards Cuyama for a view of the fire from the north.  This turned out to be worth the drive and provided some good views of the northern edge with a bonus of watching the helicopters refilling with Phos-Check.  And… had I not stopped for coffee on the way back, I would have gotten to see the Martin-Mars scooping water from Lake Cachuma.  As it was, I missed it by about 15 minutes.

“La Brea Fire”  –  Cuyama Valley, CA

“Incoming”  –  Spanish Ranch, Cuyama Valley, CA

“Fill Me Up”  –  Spanish Ranch, Cuyama Valley, CA

“Back to the Front Lines”  –  Spanish Ranch, Cuyama Valley, CA


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