Mount Pinos – Fauna

I was hoping to photograph deer among the pines, but was rewarded with an abundance of other creatures.  There was life nearly everywhere, some more vocal than others.  A family of Clark’s Nutcrackers was seen foraging along the trail.  Well, at least the parents were searching for food.  Their offspring was of little help in gathering food, but its calls to be fed could be heard quite a long distance away.

“Clark’s Nutcracker”  –  Mt. Pinos, CA

“Beauty and the Beast”  –  Mt. Pinos, CA

“Swallowtail” –  Mt. Pinos, CA

“Selasphorus”  –  Mt. Pinos, CA

“Western Gray Squirrel”  –  Mt. Pinos, CA

“Lodgepole Pine Chipmunks”  –  Mt. Pinos, CA


One Response to Mount Pinos – Fauna

  1. Mike says:

    If there’s such a thing as chipmunk porn, I think you’ve got it with that last one.

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