Glen Canyon Dam Area

It looks like the monsoon season has already started out here.  We had a nice size thunderstorm roll through yesterday afternoon.  Its timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  We had just finished exploring an area just downstream when we saw the storm building in the distance.  Just as we got back to the truck, the winds picked up and the sky darkened above.  We had enough time to reposition down the road for one final shot before the storm closed in around us.  In addition to capturing the skies, I also managed to find some interesting animals on the ground.  Some even stopped long enough to grab a couple photos.


“Monsoonal Storm”  –  Glen Canyon Dam, AZ


“Claws in the Sky”  –  Glen Canyon Dam, AZ


“Claws on the Ground”  –  Glen Canyon Dam, AZ


“Sandstone and Sky”  –  Glen Canyon Dam, AZ


“Colorado Chipmunk”  –  Glen Canyon Dam, AZ


“Antelope Ground Squirrel”  –  Glen Canyon Dam, AZ



2 Responses to Glen Canyon Dam Area

  1. Bo says:

    “Claws on the Ground” – Perfect! Wow, really fun and great detail.

  2. Looks like you picked up some more tour guides. 🙂 Beautiful shots of the area and wildlife.

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