Wildlife -Day One

In addition to the amazing scenery, we have also seen a good amount of wildlife.  In particular, we have been finding small groups of deer and elk moving out of the forests at dusk.  The highlight of this first evening was a very active young member of the elk herd.  It appeared to be having a great time racing around, and in turn, getting chased by the dominant elk.  I processed these a bit differently than normal, by focusing on enhancing contrast and reducing color saturation.  Hopefully you like it.


“Mule Deer”  –  Williams, AZ


“Elk I”  –  Williams, AZ


“Elk II”  –  Williams, AZ


“Elk III”  –  Williams, AZ


“Elk IV”  –  Williams, AZ



One Response to Wildlife -Day One

  1. mike says:

    They are very cute. I have a game farm out here where you can feed the animals. I go all the time.

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