Elephant Seals

The final stop of the day last saturday was at the Elephant Seal haul-out just north of San Simeon.  It’s been several years since I’ve stopped at the popular viewing spot and I don’t remember seeing such a large number of them before.  The majority seemed to be molting females but there were also some males in the mix.  Several of them were fighting with each other and one poor female was getting chased by multiple bulls.


“Potential”  –  San Simeon, CA


“Scratching the Itch”  –  San Simeon, CA


“Trapped”  –  San Simeon, CA


“The Argument”  –  San Simeon, CA


“Shoulder to Shoulder”  –  San Simeon, CA


3 Responses to Elephant Seals

  1. Debra says:

    Nice photos, I was up there last year and I too was surprised by the population. It was remarkable to witness this. My nieces thought that some of them looked deceased and it continually surprised them to see how wrong they were.

  2. iheartfilm says:

    lol. I like that second one. Animals are funny.

  3. Wow…that’s a lot of seal. Remarkable how animals oongregate in the same place and the same time. Makes for quite the display. Beautiful photos of beautiful creatures.

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