Large and Small

I had a really fantastic walk around the lake yesterday.  A flock of Bushtits were actively flitting around from bush to bush.  I missed a few great photo ops due to them actually being too close.  That is a very rare problem when photographing birds.  I saw several other songbirds on my way over to the Kites’ nest, and got great shots of a Goldfinch and Nutmeg Mannikin.  The young Kites are scrambling all over their tree exercising their wings.  While I was jogging around the lake earlier, it appeared that they had started taking short flights to adjacent trees; but it was hard to be sure as I ran by.  The adults were not seen at the nest, although I did find the male actively hunting in the southwest corner of the park.  He is very proficient and I got to witness several prey handovers occur in mid-air.  Once the eggs are laid, the male does most of the hunting for the female and the hatched young.  They were very active for at least half an hour and I had a great time watching them interact.


“Bushtit”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA


“Goldfinch”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA


“Nutmeg Mannikin”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA


“White-tailed Kite with Prey”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA


“White-tailed Kite Prey Exchange”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA


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