Weekend in Joshua Tree NP

In an effort to recharge my photographic creativity, I headed down to Joshua Tree National Park for the weekend.  I feel that it is far to easy for me to focus on wildlife photography here in the Santa Barbara area, so a change of scenery was in order.  Unfortunately the flowers aren’t nearly as nice as last year, but the trip was very refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable.  The following landscape shots aren’t my most amazing work, but do showcase a conscious effort to better utilize foreground elements.  Of course, I didn’t ignore the wildlife completely.  My secondary goal of the trip was to get some better Phainopepla shots, and that was certainly achieved.  Though, that meant hiking 10 miles with way too much camera gear!  I think my neck and shoulders have just finally recovered.  I have quite a few photos that I’d like to share, and will break them up into a series of posts.


“Abandoned Mine”  –  Joshua Tree National Park, CA


“Light Catcher”  –  Joshua Tree National Park, CA


“Twilight”  –  Joshua Tree National Park, CA


“Last Stand”  –  Joshua Tree National Park, CA


“Pointing the Way”  –  Joshua Tree National Park


One Response to Weekend in Joshua Tree NP

  1. myphotoscout says:

    Wonderful. Thanks for the motivator. I will drive to Anza Borrego tomorrow (almost 9 hours from the San Francisco Bay area). This is the time for a trip to the deserts.

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