Best of August 2008 – California

I’m breaking up the Best of August post into two parts:  California and Yellowstone NP.  I definitely took more local wildlife photos this month than in recent prior months.  It is relatively easy to take a lot of wildlife photos but not so easy to make them interesting and unique.  Because of multitude of photos already online, it takes extra effort to capture something compelling.  Especially when it is of a relatively common species.  This is something I am trying to keep in mind while out shooting these days.


“Oak at Sunset”  –  Figueroa Mountain, CA


“Raven at Sunset”  –  Figueroa Mountain, CA


“Green Darner”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA


“Red-winged Blackbirds”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA


“Snowy Egret”  –  Devereux Slough, Goleta, CA


One Response to Best of August 2008 – California

  1. Teodorus Maximus says:

    Wild Bee,
    Considering your intent to capture unique wildlife shots, I thought that I would put in my request for the Californian Chupacabra. I heard that there are sometimes a few sightings near El Cap. Thanks!

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