Best of July 2008

After a month of limited traveling it was nice to get out of my rapidly browning (and burning) state and visit Pennsylvania.  It had been several years since I had been there in the summer and the intense greenery is always a pleasure to see again.  The purpose of the trip was to check out my brother’s new house in State College and help with some of the moving.  I minimized the amount of camera gear I brought along but still managed to capture some nice scenes.  Having a limited lens selection forced me to be more creative and think differently, and this is always a welcome challenge.  My favorite photographic experience from the trip was sitting in my mother’s backyard taking pictures of two white-tailed fawns.  They both weren’t quite sure what to make of me and one decided that sleeping was the best option and the other tentatively approached me and stomped its hooves several times in an attempt to scare me away.  After making a few captures I did just that and let them enjoy their day.  


“Wild Rhododendron”  –  Shingletown Gap, State College, PA


“White-tailed Fawn”  –  Honesdale, PA


“Lorquin’s Admiral”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA


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