More Bobcat

Today, I ran into the female bobcat at the lake again.  I had about given up finding one of them, and as normally happens, that’s when I seem to find them.  She seemed particularly mellow today and let me get ridiculously close considering she was moving around and not sitting in one spot.  She seemed more amused at my thrashing around the brush than alarmed.  Which was really nice and allowed me to shoot well over 150 photos of her.


“First Sight”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA


“On the Move”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA


“Final Look”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA


One Response to More Bobcat

  1. […] way too long, I finally have some new photos of the female bobcat.  My last post with photos of her was back in early February!  Since seeing her and the male together, many of us had hoped to see […]

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