Best of March 2008

As you will see, March was a busy month last year.  The wildflowers out here don’t last long and I made the most of my available weekends.  The two major trips of the month were to Joshua Tree National Park and to the Carrizo Plain.  This was my first trip to Joshua Tree and it was amazing.  I’m only posting two photos from the trip because they really need to be seen large to be appreciated.  One of my primary goals on the Carrizo Plain trip was to see the Pronghorn.  I feel really lucky that I found them on my first full day up there.  


“Old and New”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA


“Fractured Mountain”  –  Joshua Tree National Park, CA


“Mighty Mountain”  –  HW 247, North of Big Bear, CA


“Lupine and Poppies”  –  Figueroa Mountain, CA


“Male Pronghorn”  –  Carrizo Plain, CA


“Female Pronghorn”  –  Carrizo Plain, CA


“Growth”  –  Carrizo Plain, CA


“Innocence”  –  Carrizo Plain, CA


“Happy Valley”  –  San Luis Obispo County, CA


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