Cause and Effect

As a nature photographer, this is one of the most anxious times of the year.  Will it rain enough to bring the spring wildflowers and will the storms occur at opportune times to give us dramatic clouds at sunset.  This week we got some rain, but the photographic opportunities were hit and miss.  Even though we haven’t received that much rainfall so far, things have really started to green up and some flowers are already starting to appear if you know where to look.


“Cloudy Blanket”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA                              Canon 5D, 24-105 @ 35mm, 1/50s,  f/10, ISO 400


“The Snake”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA                                   Canon 50D, 100-400 @ 160mm, 1/800s, f/8, ISO 400


“Wet Luck”  –  Lake Los Carneros, Goleta, CA                                      Canon G10, 11mm, 1/100s, f/3.2, ISO 80


“First Bloom”  –  Santa Barbara, CA                                                           Canon 50D, 100mm macro, 1/500s, f/3.5, ISO 200


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