Waves and Wildlife

I headed up north to San Francisco this weekend on a primarily non-photography focused trip.  The city is always amazing and I was really happy to make it up there while the weather was so nice.  After eating way too much great food, I headed back the long way along HW 1 yesterday morning.  I love looking at the waves along this stretch of coastline and could spend all day taking pictures of their infinite variations.  If there would have been potential for clouds, I would have drove down later in the day.  But with the nice weather, I got on the road early with the hope of seeing some wildlife along the way.  I wasn’t disappointed and managed to spot a pair of coyotes hunting in a field.  Sharing the field with them was a Harrier, who was fun to watch cruising low over the ground.  It would abruptly change direction and dive for the ground several times but I never saw it successfully catch anything.  The coyote and harrier photos were all taken with my 400 5.6 plus 1.4x extender on a tripod.  With this combination I don’t have autofocus, so all of these were manually focused.  Capturing a bird in flight at 560 mm with no autofocus isn’t the easiest thing to do and I was impressed with how many were in focus.


“Wave”  –  HW 1, north of Big Sur, CA


“Coyote  I”  –  HW 1, north of Big Sur, CA


“Coyote I running”  –  HW 1, north of Big Sur, CA


“Coyote  II”  –  HW 1, north of Big Sur, CA


“Harrier  I”  –  HW 1, north of Big Sur, CA


“Harrier  II”  –  HW 1, north of Big Sur, CA


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