UCSB Lagoon Birds

The number of birds is steadily increasing at the UCSB lagoon.  Before heading out to the mountains for the Thanksgiving Holiday, I spent some time there watching the egrets and grebes feed.  The Snowy Egrets have a fascinating method for catching fish.  They drag their legs in the water behind them, which flushes the fish in front of them.  The Eared Grebes hunt for fish in a more traditional manner by diving under water and chasing them directly.  While walking around the lagoon I also managed to get my closest and best ever photo of a Black Phoebe.  These birds are very entertaining to watch as they continuously vocalize while making short flights to catch passing insects.


“Snowy Egret Feeding”  –  UCSB Lagoon, Santa Barbara  CA


“Eared Grebe”  –  UCSB Lagoon, Santa Barbara  CA


“Eared Grebe with Fish”  –  UCSB Lagoon, Santa Barbara  CA


“Black Phoebe”  –  UCSB Lagoon, Santa Barbara  CA


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